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Telecom and IT Vendor Management goes far beyond sales.

Here's where we earn our name

Serviam’s name is taken from a Latin motto meaning, “I will serve.” It reflects the pivotal decision that founded the company in 2011 when executives at a Fortune 500 telecom vendor set out to address a critical service gap in their industry. (Read that story here.)


Serviam’s founders believe that clients deserve proper guidance through the risks and complexity of telecom as well as a partner to provide ongoing management of their vendors.


Furthermore, they believe that the only way to win in business is to serve the needs of your company above their own. They have faith that the sacrifice of short-term gain is well worth the financial, relational, and spiritual rewards of serving a partner over the long-term.


Serviam is more than a name. It’s a promise. The only way to be true to it is for Serviam to invest in a powerful Backoffice Support Team.

Your team just got bigger.

Serviam augments your existing capability to manage your telecom vendors by providing industry expertise and expert service, often at no cost to your business.

Their Backoffice Support Team fits in where it’s needed, working alongside your employees. They can fill in the gaps on certain projects, or they can become a complete solution for Telecom and IT Vendor Management, setting your team free to focus on business goals.

They can jump in to help you at any stage of Lifecycle Management, whether you’re looking to start a new initiative, course-correct a current implementation, or address specific issues in need of ongoing support.

Benefits of Serviam’s Backoffice Support Team



Whether you have five or fifteen different vendors, Serviam streamlines your Telecom and IT Vendor Management to one point of contact.



Vendor reps are constantly rotating. Serviam is planning to partner with you for the long haul with a detailed memory of what your company needs.



A vendor rep is never going to tell you if you’re spending too much money. Serviam will. Their independent status paired with their determination to serve your needs first gives them the freedom to do what’s best for your company.



Industry expertise and relationships empower Serviam to serve you better. They know the right questions to ask and the right people to reach in order to solve problems and keep things moving.

Backoffice Services

The Backoffice Support Team serves you so that you can serve your business. They take on Telecom and IT Vendor Management tasks that would otherwise divert resources away from your business goals.

When issues come up with your voice, data, or internet services, you won’t have to search for the right person to call. With one call to us, you’ll know your needs are  being addressed, and we’ll make sure you have an expectation of when they can be met.

Below are some of the aspects of Telecom and IT Vendor Management you can leave in our hands…

Changes and Service Requests

Serviam can expedite service from a telecom vendor by leveraging industry relationships. Their Backoffice Support Team works to resolves issues while you keep moving forward, and they advocate for you in a way no one else can.

Project Management

The Backoffice Support Team can provide management for telecom projects of any scope. Along the way, they educate your team, get ahead of problems, and walk you through pivotal moments during implementations or repairs.

Billing Review

What if you had an errant $40 charge each month for a redundant service? What if that charge was being billed to 100 different locations in your company? The extensive, cumbersome hierarchies of telecom vendors can often lead to billing errors, and Serviam knows how to spot them in the fine print.

Inventory Management

Serviam’s Strategic Assessments create a snapshot of your business at a certain moment in time, but things change quickly. Part of Serviam’s Vendor Management service includes keeping your inventory clean to ensure that you’re prepared to respond to changes in your business or technological requirements.

Renewals and Upgrades

The Backoffice Support Team checks in with clients on a regular basis. They guide you to the right technical upgrades that will maximize your productivity, and they alert you before it’s time to renew telecom contracts so that there’s time to identify and achieve strategic changes to your pricing, terms, or tech.

Take the win.

We insist.

Serviam’s team thrives on seeing clients succeed. They win when you win. They win when your company sees you bringing answers and solutions to the table that empower growth for your business.

Placing your company’s needs first is the only way to serve, and everyone stands to gain more in the long run. Serviam’s commitment to your win begins with their name and continues with their investment in backoffice support for your business.

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