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gap to cross...


Telecom and IT Vendor Management

How do you cross the divide to a

Complete Portfolio of Telecom and IT Solutions?

As the lines between Telecom and IT continue to disappear, businesses are looking for a “one-stop shop” who can address all of their needs for voice, data, internet, and the cloud.


The pressure is on for VARs and MSPs to provide hardware, IT services, AND the telecom network connections to support them.


However, the gap between the technical language of IT and the business language of telecom is vast, and adding new services to your business is a massive undertaking.

We have an idea…

We'll build you a bridge.

The Partner Channel at Serviam

On the other side of the gap from your VAR or MSP’s services is a telecom landscape that’s incredibly complex and full of risks. If you don’t build a bridge to the network connections that complete your client’s technical solutions, they’ll be left to build it on their own. As they do, they’ll be left to fend for themselves against financial and logistical pitfalls.


Our uniquely valuable, qualified, and invested team enables you to offer a complete portfolio of products and services. As your channel partner,

We build the bridge your clients need,

Support them on the other side, and

Help you retain that bridge for future sales.

Meet Our Team

Learn about our unique approach to Telecom and IT and hear from our clients in the brief overview above.

Discover the Value of Bridge Building.

The Channel Partner Program bridges a gap between your company and new potential for revenue and growth. Serviam begins their relationship with each channel partner in pursuit of a long-term relationship that will produce shared success for both companies.

Complete Solutions

•Become the one-stop shop for your clients by providing them a bridge to custom telecom solutions that are engineered by carrier-neutral, industry experts.


•Serviam provides full Lifecycle Management and backoffice support for your clients, often surpassing the quality of service provided by telecom carriers.


•Serviam has flexible options to partner in a way that best meets your company’s needs.


Customer Satisfaction

•Clients view you in relationship with the experience they have procuring the telecom services that accompany your solutions. Protect your image and control the results by providing a bridge to expert guidance and care.

•Serviam typically negotiates contracts with better rates and more flexible terms for your client.

•Serviam guides your clients to customized telecom solutions that truly meet their technical requirements, leading to fewer phone calls for support.

•Serviam has the ability to step in and escalate trouble tickets, often surpassing the carrier’s internal staff in efficiency.


Increased Revenue and Client Retention

•Serviam builds you a bridge to new sources of recurring revenue.

•Serviam creates new opportunities for hardware and service sales. As we lower the cost of clients’ telecom services new funds become available for IT infrastructure.

•Building a bridge from your business to telecom services keeps you in constant relationship with your client. The approach on future sales becomes much easier, and the risk of your client moving to another firm is reduced.

Where are your gaps?

What will enable you to offer complete solutions for telecom and IT?

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Let us know.


Hybrid IT

Managed Cloud

Security and Firewall

Colocation Hosting


Contact Center Services

Disaster Recovery

And More...


Fiber Internet

Metro Optical Ethernet

Ethernet Local Access

Dedicated Internet Access

MPLS Networks

DSL and Cable Internet


And More...


Hosted/Managed VoIP 

SIP Trunk

Analog Phone

Integrated Access


Audio/Web Conferencing

Call Centers

And More...


Telecom Expense Mgmt

PCI Compliance

ISP Management

Staff Augmentation

Implementation Mgmt

On-Site Support

Trouble Ticket Escalation

And More...

Serviam understands that its Channel Partners live by their reputation for quality. If the idea of bridging all of the gaps before you seems daunting, take the first step.


Contact Serviam today to start a conversation about one challenge you’re facing in offering telecom solutions to your clients. Judge for yourself the difference.


is paramount in any partnership, and like any solid bridge, trust is built over time. With Serviam, you can at least begin your journey with a company that understands an important truth of business ownership: whatever bridges you cross to grow your business, your loved ones cross with you.

Serviam’s principals risked leaving executive-level, Fortune 500 jobs for the conviction that they could provide better service to telecom clients. They have great respect for the risks you’re taking as well. That’s why they built a business model around long-term relationships and shared success for both businesses. (Learn more about their story here.)

Serviam’s core ethos is embedded in its name, which means “I Will Serve” in Latin. That credo serves as the moral and strategic compass guiding their interactions with Channel Partners.


“Serviam is unique. I have more trust in them. I feel they are truly looking out for us. If I have a problem, they just take care of it. If there’s a big problem, they have the relationships to contact who can actually get things done.”

 - Kurt Johnston Dir. of IT, Title Financial

Unique Partners for a Complete Solution


Telecom and IT Vendor Management


“They can very quickly get to the footprint, order, and magnitude of what you’re dealing with. I was saving money and had a better partner in place.”

- Jeff Van Ornum - Former Dir of IT for Home Buyers Warranty

Serviam - Telecom and IT Vendor Managment for Business. Cloud, MPLS, VoIP, SIP Trunk, and much more.

Telecom and IT Vendor Management

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