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Leadership at Serviam

Serviam’s principal team is unique in their depth of business technology expertise. They combine their leadership experience at the highest executive levels of telecom with a team of top-tier industry talent to offer clients the best possible guidance and support.

You Deserve Better Telecom Service

In 2011, Serviam’s founders all served as VP’s of one of the largest telecom carriers in the world. They watched as new technology like cloud computing caught business owners in a tangled web of questions.


  • How could they help their teams collaborate while keeping their data secure?

  • How could they reach the right people within vendor bureaucracies to resolve problems quickly?

  • How could they negotiate fair contracts and manage costs?


Meanwhile, there was an ever-widening service gap between the resources vendors were offering to answer those questions and the urgent needs of business technology clients.


Recognizing the need, Serviam’s founders left their enterprise-level roles to build a team that could help businesses reduces expenses, negotiate better contract terms, upgrade their technology, and hold vendors accountable to their promises.

  • Serviam’s clients reduce their telecom and IT expenses by an average of 30%.


  • We provide vendor management services for multiple Fortune 1000 companies as well as 3 of the 10 largest privately-owned firms in the country.

  • And we maintain a 97% client retention rate by earning trust, forging long-term partnerships, and investing deeply in your success.

Serviam's leadership founded the company

“Here are three guys who left the comfort of corporate jobs to start a company and provide a service that’s more attentive than others. After signing a three-year agreement they’re still ‘Hey, how are you doing? Let’s go get drinks. Let’s go golfing. Are you happy with the service?’ That personal touch is incredibly important.”

- CFO of International Hospitality Group

Meet Your Guides

It's both the depth of experience and the rare combination of skills that makes Serviam's principal team the most uniquely qualified guides in the industry.

Click below to learn more about each of them.

Mike Lipic Co-Founder of Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management for Business Internet and Business Phone Services


Mike Lipic
Co-Founder and
Finance Expert
Mike Gieger Negotiations Expert Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management for Business Internet and Business Phone Services


Mike Gieger
Co-Founder and
Negotiations Expert
Jeff Waters Principal at Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management


Jeff Waters
Principal and
Technology Solutions Expert

Support Teams at Serviam

Your business deserves both guidance to the right solutions and the service it takes to make sure they succeed. Serviam is Latin for "I Will Serve," and our entire business model was built to establish long-term partnerships and offer the most comprehensive support services possible for our clients.

Serviam can expedite service from a telecom vendor for your business.

Solutions Team

Find guidance to the right vendors and services for your business goals. This team identifies, evaluates, and provides recommendations that offer the best combination of quality and cost. 

Keep your telecom inventory clean with Serviam's help.

Account Management Team

Your team will have one simple point of contact for managing your telecom and It vendor relationships. You'll have support for escalations, billing and pricing inquiries, and much more.

Serviam can manage telecom projects of any scope for your business.

Project Management Team

Your new orders are tracked and monitored to ensure delivery in the shortest time possible. We also provide project management services for multi-site projects, RFP’s, and UCaaS/CCaaS implementations.

The extensive hierarchies of telecom vendors can often lead to billing errors. Seviam knows how to spot them.

Financial Analysis Team

Telecom bills are notorious for their complexity. This team aggregates your invoices to validate the savings you negotiated and identify further opportunities for reducing costs.

What can we help you with?

Serviam Cloud Vendor Management Icon.png




Public Cloud
Private Cloud

Cloud Migration Services

Hybrid IT

Cyber Security

Disaster Recovery


SD-WAN Icon.png

SD-WAN & Data Networking

Dedicated Internet Access

Hybrid Networks
MPLS Networks

Broadband Development

Dark Fiber/Waves 


Mobility Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Serviam UCaaS Vendor Management Icon (1).png

Voice & Collaboration



SIP Trunk
Traditional Telephony
Integrated Access
Audio/Web Conferencing

Managed Services Icon.png

Managed Services


Telecom Expense Mgmt
Staff Augmentation
Implementation Mgmt

Inventory Mgmt

Contract Governance

Helpdesk Support
On-Site Support
Trouble Ticket Escalation

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