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Combatting the Great Resignation Through Business Technology

Discover a proactive approach to talent retention which leverages your business tech for maximum impact.

Talent retention and staffing shortages are haunting every business. We’ve all experienced the impact of these shortages.

From standing in line for coffee twice as long and amazon packages getting delivered late to inconvenient business hours, the list goes on and on.

With these staffing challenges, businesses need to be proactive with their employees instead of reactive. They need to engage the workforce in a ways which encourage valued employees to stick around.

We see three key elements of a proactive approach to talent retention:

  1. Great engagement with your staff through communication of your mission and purpose.

  2. Recognizing strategic versus tactical job duties and outsourcing accordingly.

  3. Investing in business technology needs.

Use Business Technology to Communicate Your Mission and Purpose

Communicating a clear understanding of your company’s mission and each employee’s purpose within it creates a stronger company culture.

People want to feel that their work is not only meaningful as an individual, but also purposeful to the overall success of the business. Drawing this line for your team between their contributions and the big picture fosters a unique relationship between the employee and the employer. According to Sharon Mandell, a writer for the CIODIVE (2022),

When people understand the purpose of their work, they are far more likely to be all in — and to stay.

Recognize What Roles are Strategic vs Tactical

Traditionally, companies hire individuals for specific roles. Some are entry-level, tactical roles, and others are more strategic, higher-level roles.

With today’s staffing shortages, individuals who are still working are forced to take on both tactical and strategic job functions. This leads to quicker burnout, making them less effective and productive.

The solution is to outsource and automate the tactical aspects of their roles. Outsourcing used to be code for downsizing. Now, it's an admission that some of your employees are too valuable to be weighed down with tactical work. Partnering with a third party gives your team bandwidth to focus on your business.

Invest in Enhancing Your Employees' Technology Experience

Sufficient technology and security resources are essential for communication and collaboration. In contrast, a lack of reliable resources provokes frustrations in your staff and drives them away from the company.

A recent study by Salesforce (2021),found that workers who aren’t offered adequate technology and tools are twice as likely to feel burned out.

This leads to higher turnover rates as employees also said they were more than twice as likely to leave their role within the next year.

How the Right Strategic Partnership for Technology Boosts Your Employee Retention

Serviam partners with your IT department to alleviate employee concerns without overwhelming your IT staff.

Our team enhances the communication of mission and purpose by guiding you to the technology tools needed to build community and engage employees. Technology is the key to building community in an increasingly remote workforce.

  • We develop full collaboration strategies for clients, enabling employees to feel empowered to make a difference in their roles.

  • In addition, investing in these tools tells employees they are valued and worth the investment.

We work alongside you to categorize your tactical and strategic job functions, so you can outsource the tactical and give your staff more time to focus on strategy.

We guide you through this process by:

  1. Matching the best third-party vendors to your business requirements and ensuring alignment between business needs and project scope.

  2. Negotiating telecom contracts for maximum flexibility and agility.

  3. Managing vendors to make sure they meet their contracted obligations.

What Employee Retention through Technology Looks Like

A great example of technology supporting employees is from one of our clients in the healthcare sector.

They outsourced us to help with their internal cabling (LAN) at 19 large locations. This created efficiencies within their IT team to better support their staff of over 10,000 employees.

  1. Serviam matched the right vendor to their needs.

  2. We negotiated the most flexible, agile contract possible.

  3. Then, we project managed the implementation and provided ongoing support for tracking compliance with the contract terms.

The end result was a more productive, effective infrastructure which gave their IT team the resources needed to collaborate on backlogged projects. They also gained the flexibility to scale their resources up and down as needed.

Beyond the obvious boost in productivity, a morale boost was won on two fronts. First, their employees felt supported. Second, they were able to get out from under the pressure of the backlogged work. These kinds of victories secure loyalty by helping the team feel valued and heard.

Serviam values service over sales, and it’s the joy of sharing these kinds of victories with our clients that drives our company forward.

To discuss your own challenges in supporting your team through business technology, contact us here on our website to schedule a consultation.

Get the service and guidance your business deserves for critical business voice, data, internet, and cloud services. Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management

Serviam’s process is simple.

  1. We listen and assess your unique telecom situation.

  2. We guide you through a custom roadmap to better technological and contractual solutions.

  3. We manage your transition so you have the best possible experience.

  4. We stay with you to make sure your vendors continue to support your ever-changing business requirements.

Our Telecom and IT Vendor Management service goes far beyond managing costs or negotiating contracts. We guide you through a holistic, future-forward telecom strategy for your company and provide you with a long-term partner who manages your vendor relationships so you can focus on the road ahead.

Schedule a consultation at to start forming a roadmap for your business.


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