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You CAN adapt your call center for remote work AND be able to pay for it.

We'll show you how to get it done without breaking the bank.

We believe you should be able to adapt your call center and maintain a competitive edge, so we built the team who can make it happen.

Give us 30 minutes, and we'll explain: 

1 How Serviam's experts can help you reduce your telecom and IT expenses by an average of 30%. 

2 How Talkdesk can help you use those savings to deploy a cost-effective cloud solution for a secure, remote workforce.

3 The guidance and support we provide every step of the way.

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Meet the Team

talkdesk and serviam believe you should
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Serviam specializes in helping businesses reduce excess spending and find a way to pay for critical services like Talkdesk.

  • The company was founded by  Fortune 500 telecom executives with expertise in pricing, contracts, and solution engineering.

  • Serviam provides telecom vendor management services for 3 of the 10 largest privately-owned firms in the country.

  • They have a 95% client retention rate and currently serve multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

“They bring everything together. They show you they have a grip on your environment and say ‘Here’s what we can do for you.’ They can present an aggregated, holistic view of your services to the provider and argue pricing from that perspective.”


- Former Dir of IT for Home Buyers Warranty -

“We love Serviam. They are absolutely fantastic advocates of ours. I’m not sure we could do what we’re doing without them.”


- CFO of Title Financial -

Talkdesk provides an industry-leading, end-to-end cloud solution that transforms your call center into a secure, remote workforce.

  • Talkdesk is the highest-rated Contact Center as a Service provider in the industry.

  • They provide a quick and easy transition to the cloud and crystal-clear, reliable call quality.

  • Their customers see an average 20% improvement in agent productivity and a 23% reduction in customer wait time.

"Thanks to Talkdesk, starting today our contact center workforce is now 100% working remote without any loss of business continuity for contact center operations."  


- VP of IT, Hornblower -

"When Zumiez had to completely recreate our contact center from fully on site to fully remote, Talkdesk was one of the few systems that took no effort whatsoever."


- Customer Service Manager, Zumiez -

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Empowering remote work for our call centers is no longer optional.

And most businesses aren’t in a position to adapt, much less pay for it to happen.


Win a victory over the changes that have come our way.

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Deliver a great customer experience

that earns their loyalty.

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Pay for Your Remote Call Center

using your exisiting budget.

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Maintain Your Competitive Edge

with cutting-edge technology.

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