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Serviam and Summit Technologies Team to Make Business Internet Easier_edited_edited_edited

Find the partner who climbs every mountain it takes to improve your business internet service

Lower your expenses and gain better support through Serviam's vendor management program.

Make everything about business internet easier.

Summit Technology is proud to recommend our trusted partner, Serviam, as your resource for business internet procurement and vendor management.

Partner isn’t a word we throw around lightly. We believe Serviam’s unique service model is the most comprehensive, dedicated support you can find for business internet connectivity.

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Your trusted technology partner.

Your new partner for business internet.

What does Serviam do?

Serviam makes every aspect of your business internet vendor relationship work better by:


  • Guiding you to the best vendor for your needs.


  • Managing a competitive bid process.


  • Reducing expenses.


  • Project managing implementations.


  • Providing ongoing support for the life of the contract, including escalating support issues, validating savings, and helping you navigate contractual issues.  

Serviam's name is Latin for "I will serve," and we do everything it takes to make sure you reach your goals for business internet.

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We know how important it is to have support you can rely on.

​Serviam has a proven ability to reduce expenses and enhance service. We tackle the mountain of work needed to source and and manage business internet so you can focus elsewhere.

  • Our clients reduce their internet spend while improving speed and service. 


  • Serviam currently serves 3 of the largest privately-owned firms in the country as well as multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Serviam has a 97% client retention rate, and many have been with us since the inception of our company more than 10 years ago.

"Our company has worked with Serviam for many years, and we enjoy the value that they bring to the negotiation and implementation table. They provide fantastic expertise in the industry, and this knowledge gives them a strategic edge within the market."


- Senior Strategic Buyer, Privately-Held International Conglomerate 

“Serviam can very quickly get to the footprint, order, and magnitude of what you’re dealing with. I was saving money and had a better partner in place.”

- Director of IT, National Residential Services Company

“Serviam is unique. I have more trust in them, and I feel they are truly looking out for us. If I have a problem, they just take care of it. If there’s a big problem, they have the relationships to contact who can actually get things done.”

- Director of IT, Financial Services Firm

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2022 Serviam

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