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How Vendor Management Benefits Voice and Collaboration Services

UCaaS | CCaaS | Traditional

The move to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) from traditional voice and legacy conferencing technologies was thrust upon many businesses during the pandemic. Many had to create manual workarounds to their legacy platforms to be able to operate.


Regardless of the changes that were forced upon you, there’s an opportunity to take control of the path forward. For all businesses, the questions are the same.


How do we…


  • Leverage what we have?

  • Transition to what we need?

  • Ensure a positive financial and technological return to the company?

Here’s how our Lifecycle Management process provides the guidance and service needed to answer these questions.

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Business Imperatives
for Voice and Collaboration

Before you transition to new solutions, it’s critical to inventory...


  • What you have.

  • Your existing cost structures.

  • And your existing obligations for legacy services. 


Serviam has a proven assessment practice which gathers a vast majority of information needed up front. It sets a true baseline for outlining and executing a successful project.


During this time, we also look for ways to reduce expenses on your legacy services to minimize financial barriers to your transition.

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Solution Development
for Voice and Collaboration

We help you find the right vendors and solutions for your transition.


Even if you have some tools in place from which to build, there is a need to evaluate these for fit and for optimization. 

For example...


  • Should you leverage legacy technology and transition to a cloud environment with your PBX vendor, or should you leverage an existing investment in solution like Microsoft Teams?


  • How heavily should your contact center be integrated with your UCaaS platform?


  • How important is mobility to your environment? 


We help you understand your options, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each, and guide your team to the optimal solution for your business. 

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Deal Negotiation
for Voice and Collaboration

Our expert contract negotiators maximize your potential for…


  • Reducing expenses

  • Gaining flexibility in your terms


In many ways, flexible terms can be the most valuable result of a negotiation. Given the standard, three-year terms of business telecom contracts and the rapid-fire changes that happen in the business, it’s imperative that you find room to maneuver during your term.


Having negotiated hundreds of agreements, Serviam understands the contractual protections your firm needs when moving into a new environment.

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Solution Deployment
for Voice and Collaboration

We provide the project management services you need for a successful deployment.

In the case of UCaaS, there can be a massive obstacle to overcome due to the fact that many years ago, no one could have foreseen our legacy phone systems being replaced this way. It may have been 20 or more years since you last evaluated your phone system, and documentation may be sketchy as best. 

There will be an incredible level of detail required to successfully deploy a UCaaS solution. Just collecting the DID’s and ensuring that you have the exact billing name on every account so your porting requests are canceled can be a huge strain on resources. 

We come alongside your existing team and provide project management support by:

  • Assisting with the actual build of end user profiles. 

  • Guiding your teams on the best methodologies for gathering data.

  • Outsourcing many of the elements of data gathering.

  • Ensuring there are no gaps in communication between you and your UCaaS provider.


This level of support makes sure your project is pulled off without leading to enormous delays, cost overruns, or a poor end user experience.

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Ongoing Support
for Voice and Collaboration

We provide ongoing, lifecycle management of your vendors to keep things running at peak efficiency.


For example, the impact that a transition to UCaaS has on the governance of your voice communications can’t be overestimated. It increases the challenges of:

  • Ensuring billing is validated

  • Ensuring licensing doesn’t become a cost overrun

  • Evaluating integration with your contact center

  • Evaluating changes to user profiles

Much of this is made easier due to the visibility available from client portals, but it is critical to maintain a consistent review of these systems. This can be built into the governance process we create during our relationship. 

Another area where Serviam brings exceptional value is in ensuring adherence to contracts and pricing methodologies.  Many UCaaS providers have created a complex environment of fees and surcharges that make it difficult to determine what is legitimately a regulatory fee and what is merely a profit center. 

Serviam monitors and manages the UCaaS contracts we negotiate to prevent bad behavior and help ensure the ROI of your new technology.


Serviam doesn’t just sell a solution and leave. We stay engaged, track financial impact, ensure projects stay on track, and make sure your organization realizes the operational and financial rewards that are rightly yours.

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