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Serviam Technology Vendor Management Climbs Every Mountain to Solve Technology Challenges_

Solving Complex Technology Challenges with Relentless, Dedicated Service.

Serviam's Technology Vendor Management service gives you control over your environment. We climb every mountain to find the best solution and ensure its success.

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“Serviam can very quickly get to the footprint, order, and magnitude of what you’re dealing with. I was saving money and had a better partner in place.”

- Dir of IT, Residential Services Company

Too many businesses feel abandoned by their business technology vendors_edited.jpg

There's a support gap in the business technology industry.

The complexity of businesss technology keeps growing while vendor support resources keep shrinking

When challenges occur, the burden of filling this support gap
falls back on your team, stretching resources thin and leaving you without the expert guidance and service your business deserves. 

Serviam fills the
vendor support gap.

Our complete Technology Vendor Management solution gives you the resources to find the right solutions for your goals and manage your expanding network of vendors by providing:

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We recruit top talent from within the vendor environment to support you with their insight and industry connections.

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Solve complex business technology challenges with a Lifecycle Management model backed by 12 years of success.

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Access our strategic roadmaps, contractual playbook, and our proprietary vendor management software portal.

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Reclaim control of your technology environment.

Serviam's proven Lifecycle Management process streamlines the management of your vendor relationships through one point of contact and gives you:


  • A clear view of your existing inventory, vendor relationships, technological footprint, and expenditures

  • A roadmap detailing how to execute technological change and ensure alignment with your strategic plan

  • A governance process for measuring and managing your contractual environment on an ongoing basis​

In most cases, these services are provided with no out-of-pocket expenses for your company. Ask us how.

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"Thank goodness we had Serviam to advocate on our behalf. They're able to get to people and levels of influence within our provider that we never would be able to."


- CFO of Financial Services Firm


We know how much work has been pushed back in your direction.

Serviam means "I will serve" in Latin. We were founded in 2011 by three telecom executives who saw the growing support gap in business technology and believed it had to be addressed.

They recruited top talent from within the vendor environment and built the Lifecycle Management process and tools needed to absorb the burden and deliver an unparalleled level of service to businesses nationwide.

  • Our clients reduce their telecom and IT expenses by an average of 20-30%.


  • Serviam currently serves 3 of the largest privately-owned firms in the country as well as multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Serviam has a 97% client retention rate, and many have been with us since the inception of our company more than 12 years ago.

“Serviam is unique. I have more trust in them, and I feel they are truly looking out for us. If I have a problem, they just take care of it. If there’s a big problem, they have the relationships to contact who can actually get things done.”

 - Director of IT, Financial Services Firm

How Serviam Earns Your Trust (1).png

Here's how we prove our value and earn your trust.

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We listen and assess your technology challenge. Then, we build a strategic roadmap for meeting your goals.

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Serviam negotiates maximum savings and contractual flexibility. Then, we project manage the implementation of new services.

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We provide ongoing support to make sure vendors fulfill their promises. Then, we start solving your next challenge. Serviam builds trusted, long-term partnerships with clients. 

Give us a problem to solve.

Start a conversation with us about one business technology challenge you're facing. We'll show you how the Lifecycle Management process resolves it - and how persistent we can be on your behalf.

What does it cost?
Serviam believes in the value of our service, and we offer a guarantee that our engagement will provide overall cost savings to your organization.

“We love Serviam. They are absolutely fantastic advocates of ours. I’m not sure we could do what we’re doing without them.”

- CFO of Financial Services Firm

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