Telecom and IT Vendor Management


 Your business depends on finding the right

voice, data, and internet solutions.

You shouldn't have to search for them on your own.

Assess Your Telecom Situation

Be Guided to a Better One

Get Support to

Keep It That Way

The telecom industry expects your business to find its own way

through a complex landscape of vendors, options, and risks.

We guide you through those risks

to the right voice, data, and internet solutions for your business.

Then, we serve as your partner,

managing those solutions so you can focus on the trail ahead.  


Telecom and IT Vendor Management

Don't get caught in a

bad situation.

Telecom contracts last for years, and most businesses end up overspending while lacking what they need for the trail ahead. You deserve expert guidance.

A Unique Solution for Telecom and IT

Meet the most unique and effective solution for overcoming the complexity and risks of business telecom.

Serviam is Uniquely Invested in helping clients get the business telecom service they deserve.

 Uniquely  Invested

Get Better Service

that goes far beyond sales. We invest heavily in post-sales support and build long-term partnerships with clients.

Serviam has the most Uniquely Qualified business telecom team on the client side of the table. Improve your Voice, Data, and Internet services.



Get Better Guidance

through Serviam's

combination of executive-level, Fortune 500 experience in finance, contracts, and sales.

Serviam is the most Uniquely Valuable service available to business telecom clients for all things voice, data, and internet.



Get Better Deals

through vendor-neutral guidance in negotiations. Post-sales, your vendors are managed through one, simple point of contact.





You shouldn't have to do this on your own.

You deserve better telecom service. Our founders believed this so much that they left their VP-level roles to pioneer a new service model for business telecom clients.

  • Benefit from more than 70 years of combined experience, including insight from the highest levels of Fortune 500 telecom on contracts, pricing, and sales.​

  • Gain a negotiation strategy that has averaged a 30% reduction over prior negotiated rates.

  • Enjoy expert support long after the deal is done and resolve problems faster through our industry relationships.





What does it cost?

Most often, we are able to offer you our guidance and ongoing service at no cost. Ask us how! In other arrangements, we are able to offer to provide service at a substantial savings over using your own internal resources.

What can we help you with?

We can help you with nearly anything telecom and IT related. We can help with isolated issues or tackle your entire infrastructure. Below are the most common technologies we work with and services we perform.


Hybrid IT

Managed Cloud

Security and Firewall

Colocation Hosting


Contact Center Services

Disaster Recovery

And More...


Fiber Internet

Metro Optical Ethernet

Ethernet Local Access

Dedicated Internet Access

MPLS Networks

DSL and Cable Internet


And More...


Hosted/Managed VoIP 

SIP Trunk

Analog Phone

Integrated Access


Audio/Web Conferencing

Call Centers

And More...


Telecom Expense Mgmt

PCI Compliance

ISP Management

Staff Augmentation

Implementation Mgmt

On-Site Support

Trouble Ticket Escalation

And More...

Here's How You Reach

Better Telecom Service

Be Guided to a Better One

Your assessment reveals your the leverage you need  to negotiate a better situation for your pricing, contract terms, and technical infrastructure.

Get Support to Keep it That Way

Our Backoffice Support Team becomes an extension of your IT Department, providing ongoing Lifecycle Management of your telecom and IT vendors.

Assess Your Situation

Have a detailed Strategic Assessment performed to get an in-depth look at your telecom contracts, bills, and infrastructure and read the full story of what's going on.

Still Have Questions?


Telecom and IT Vendor Management

Why does my business need a


Why do I need a guide for business telecom?

We hear it all the time. "I already have an IT team. It's their job to manage our telecom vendors." The problem is that telecom continues to add complexity and risk to a highly specialized landscape within IT, and we've seen vendors stall, frustrate, and overcharge the most competent of IT professionals. 

Complexity infiltrates every corner of the business phone and internet landscape. Telecom and IT infrastructure can end up distributed across multiple vendors, and each vendor has a complex, difficult-to-navigate hierarchy that makes it difficult to resolve problems, often leading to lost time and revenue.

Meanwhile, business telecom solutions bear a good deal of legal, financial, and operational risks. Telecom contracts bear financial risks within the unique language they speak. Security and liability risks abound in the complexity of cloud-based computing and web-based financial transactions. 

The core problem compounding all of this is a service gap in the industry. There is a distinct lack of vendor-neutral resources for guiding businesses through the complexity and risk. Serviam was formed when executives at the highest levels of Fortune 500 telecom decided that a better service solution was desperately needed. 

Business owners and executives have been left to believe they only have two options: to approach vendors directly or to work with an agent or broker to find a better, initial deal. However, vendors have drastically cut their support resources, and agents and brokers disappear after the contract is signed. Neither option tackles the complexity of managing multiple vendors or provides an overall strategy in the first place. 

Serviam has created a unique, new pathway. We guide you through complexity and risk to the right voice, data, and internet solutions for your business, and we partner with you to manage your telecom and IT vendors. Nowhere else will you find the advantages we offer combined in one place, sitting on the client's side of the table.

Our guides are a unique solution for the complex world of telecom,

and often, we can serve as an extension of your IT team at no cost to you.

Serviam - Telecom and IT Vendor Managment for Business. Cloud, MPLS, VoIP, SIP Trunk, and much more.

Telecom and IT Vendor Management

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