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How Vendor Management Empowers   Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation Strategy

Nearly every business is working in a “cloud” to some extent. The shift has gone from optional to inevitable, causing companies to evaluate their Digital Transformation Strategy. They need to determine what can be moved to the cloud as well as how and when it can happen.


One of the biggest obstacles in defining a Digital Transformation Strategy is a lack of clarity around…


  • The many costs of operating in the cloud.

  • The differences between vendors.

  • Where different operations of the business should be hosted.

Serviam's Lifecycle Management process provides the guidance and service needed to answer these questions and support your move to the cloud.

We come alongside your existing team to augment its internal knowledge and capabilities.

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Business Imperatives
for Digital Transformation Strategy

The first critical step in Digital Transformation Strategy is an inventory assessment of your environment.


  • What are your core applications?

  • What does your current environment look like?

  • What instances are already running inside of a cloud?

  • Are there programs running in the cloud which you’re unaware of? (This is surprisingly common.)  


Where there isn’t complete visibility, Serviam has partners who can detect any “Shadow IT.” It’s common for teams to purchase SaaS solutions on their own and run critical functions outside the parameters of a unified strategy and security protocol.


Your current environment must be fully understood to determine the optimal financial return on a transition to cloud.

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Solution Development
for Digital Transformation Strategy

During this phase, we help clients answer critical questions such as…


  • What cloud should be used?

  • What applications should be moved to the cloud first?

  • Are there some applications that shouldn’t be moved?

  • Should you be in a pure public cloud model, or would you be better served in a private cloud or hybrid environment? 


Then, making the move to cloud impacts many other aspects of telecom and IT.


  • Are there other leverage points to be had from a cost perspective with vendors? 

  • How do you redesign your networks when they’re no longer sitting in a central data center and the number of SaaS end points has increased exponentially? 

  • How does your new network design impact security? 


All of these factors need to be considered, researched, and integrated into your Digital Transformation Strategy. That’s hard to get done with staff whose plates are already full or who might not have the necessary expertise.


Serviam comes alongside your team to answer all of these questions and guide you to the optimal environment so your team can focus on supporting your business.

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Deal Negotiation
for Digital Transformation Strategy

Our expert contract negotiators make sure you maximize your potential for…


  • Reducing expenses

  • Gaining flexibility in your terms


In many ways, flexible terms can be the most valuable result of a negotiation. Given the standard, three-year terms of business telecom contracts and the rapid-fire changes that happen in the business, it’s imperative that you find room to maneuver and respond to change during your term.


Having negotiated hundreds of agreements, Serviam understands the contractual protections your firm needs when moving into a new environment.

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Solution Deployment
for Digital Transformation Strategy

Cloud migrations are incredibly complex, and Serviam provides the project management resources needed to keep all of the involved parties on the same page.


Our deeply-experienced team will…


  1. Coordinate all vendors and third party resources.

  2. Ensure project deliverables are coordinated.

  3. Leverage third parties to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.


This is where our commitment to service truly begins to provide added value. Engaging Serviam gives your business a partner who is committed to the success of your Digital Transformation project.

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Ongoing Support
for Digital Transformation Strategy

Serviam doesn’t just sell a solution and leave. We stay engaged, track financial impact, ensure projects stay on track, and make sure your organization realizes the operational and financial rewards that are rightly yours.

For example, with the cloud there’s a unique problem known as “Server Sprawl.” One of the biggest promises of a cloud environment is savings, but a company can quickly accumulate more servers than they need and find themselves overpaying for underutilized resources. We monitor cloud usage across your environment to help protect the advantages the cloud is meant to provide.


By design, Serviam’s name literally means “We will serve.” From the very beginning, our Vendor Management services were designed for supporting long-term relationships as a trusted partner in optimizing your telecom and IT environment.

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