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Support Teams at Serviam

Here's where we earn our name.

Serviam’s name is taken from a Latin motto meaning, “I will serve.” It reflects the pivotal decision that founded the company in 2011 when executives at a Fortune 500 telecom vendor set out to address a critical service gap in their industry. (Read that story here.)


Serviam’s founders believe that clients deserve proper guidance through the risks and complexity of telecom as well as a partner to provide ongoing management of their vendors.


Serviam is more than a name. It’s a promise. The only way to be true to it is for Serviam to invest heavily in support for its clients and fill those teams with top talent from within the vendor environment.

Serviam's Support Teams

Your business deserves both guidance to the right solutions and the service it takes to make sure they succeed. Our entire business model was built to establish long-term partnerships and offer the most comprehensive support services possible for our clients.

Serviam can expedite service from a telecom vendor for your business.

Solutions Team

Find guidance to the right vendors and services for your business goals. This team identifies, evaluates, and provides recommendations that offer the best combination of quality and cost. 

Keep your telecom inventory clean with Serviam's help.

Account Management Team

Your team will have one simple point of contact for managing your telecom and It vendor relationships. You'll have support for escalations, billing and pricing inquiries, and much more.

Serviam can manage telecom projects of any scope for your business.

Project Management Team

Your new orders are tracked and monitored to ensure delivery in the shortest time possible. We also provide project management services for multi-site projects, RFP’s, and UCaaS/CCaaS implementations.

The extensive hierarchies of telecom vendors can often lead to billing errors. Seviam knows how to spot them.

Financial Analysis Team

Telecom bills are notorious for their complexity. This team aggregates your invoices to validate the savings you negotiated and identify further opportunities for reducing costs.

“They’re like an extension of my IT department that doesn’t cost me anything. The rest are just agents. They’ve become good friends, and they’ve added a lot of value to our company.”


- CFO of International Hospitality Group

support teams at Serviam

Leverage the Benefits of Serviam’s Support Teams



Whether you have five or fifteen different vendors, Serviam streamlines your Telecom and IT Vendor Management to one point of contact.



Vendor reps are constantly rotating while Serviam plans to partner with you for the long haul with a detailed memory of what your company needs.



A vendor rep is never going to tell you if you’re spending too much money. Serviam will. Their independent status paired with their determination to serve your needs first gives them the freedom to do what’s best for your company.


Industry Insight

Industry expertise and relationships empower Serviam to serve you better. They know the right questions to ask and the right people to reach in order to solve problems and keep things moving.


At Serviam, Your Support Never Ends

Long after your contract is signed and your implementation is complete our Support Teams serve you so you can serve your business. They take on Technology Vendor Management tasks that would otherwise divert resources away from your business goals.

Below are just a few of the Technology Vendor Management challenges you can leave in our hands…

Serviam provides ongoing support for business technology clients_edited.jpg
Serviam can expedite service from a telecom vendor for your business.

Changes and Service Requests

Serviam expedites service from a telecom vendor by leveraging industry relationships. Our Support Teams work to resolve issues while you keep moving forward, and they advocate for you in a way no one else can.

The extensive hierarchies of telecom vendors can often lead to billing errors. Seviam knows how to spot them.

Billing Support

We work to ensure your billing matches your contract agreements with vendors. If credits are necessary, our team works with yours to get those squared away to give your team a peace of mind.

Keep your telecom inventory clean with Serviam's help.

Inventory Management

Our Support Teams use our proprietary software portal to keep your inventory clean. This ensures you’re able to find critical contacts and information quickly when you need to make changes or contact a vendor's technical support.

Get better pricing, terms, and tech during telecom contract renewals with Serviam.

Renewals and Upgrades

Our Support Teams guide you to technical upgrades that maximize your productivity. They also alert you before it’s time to renew telecom contracts so there’s time to identify strategic opportunities for your pricing, contract terms, and technology.

Give us a problem to solve.

Start a conversation with us about one business technology challenge you're facing. We'll show you how our Support Teams can resolve it - and how persistent we can be on your behalf.

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