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How Vendor Management Guides You to the Right Security Solutions

There is perhaps no space in the technological landscape that carries more importance in today’s world than security. It touches on every aspect of your IT landscape from disaster recovery to personnel.


The stakes of a security breach are unbelievably high, whether it’s:


  • The cost of recovery.

  • An unexpected ransom payment.

  • Lost revenue from a loss of productivity

  • Damage to your reputation.


And often, a breach could involve all of the above, which creates an event which could threaten the future of any company.


At the same time, there are at least two common liabilities we see present in most companies.


  1. Security strategy is focused on the wrong goal.

  2. Security solutions are siloed and not working together.

Serviam's Lifecycle Management process provides the guidance and service needed to:

  • Set the compass for your strategy.

  • Unify your security solutions into a coordinated front.

  • Find ways to pay for the needed changes and support your implementation.

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Business Imperatives
for Security Solutions

The first thing to keep in mind about Security is that it isn’t first and foremost about technology.


It’s about process


Many of our clients try to meet various security threats with individual products such as firewalls, antivirus software, and multi-factor identification. Each technological solution is an important element of protection, but what is the process which uses these elements to provide the blanket of coverage you desire -  without leaving gaps?


As we assess your current environment, Serviam helps you:


  • Step back and look at your overall security process.

  • Put an image together of your “quilt” of protection. How do all of your siloed security strategies fit together? Is it built to be proactive or reactive?

  • Decide what the quilt should look like to support a proactive security process.

  • Define the plan for what happens IF there’s a breach. How will you achieve the fastest possible recovery with the least amount of fallout?


Serviam partners with a wide array of providers and industry experts to integrate your security technology into an overall process built to meet the threats of today and tomorrow.

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Solution Development
for Security Solutions

Your security process should be proactive in order to succeed, but there is an accompanying conversation to be had.


There’s no way to guarantee there will never be a security event. In fact, part of being proactive is assuming there will be one and having a plan in place for how to react and recover.


However, there’s a balance to be found. You can always protect more and spend more, but no one has an endless budget, and adding security does have the potential to impact the speed at which work can occur internally. Our team and our security partners help you find that balance and maintain it.


We help you consider mission-critical questions like:


  • What areas of the business do you need to protect?

  • How important is each area?

  • How fast do each of them need to recover?


By prioritizing the areas of your business, you’re on your way to finding balance. Then, because we’ve taken such a comprehensive view of your security quilt, we’re able to step back and figure out how to adjust your spending and contracts to pay for the solutions you need.


With security partners specializing on specifics like next-gen firewalls, personnel training, and comprehensive solutions for end-to-end management and protection, we make sure you find the right balance.

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Deal Negotiation
for Security Solutions

One of the hardest challenges of building a cybersecurity quilt is finding an unbiased advocate to assist you in negotiations.


  • Serviam is vendor-agnostic. We survey the entire security landscape. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, and we know what others in your space are paying for various services.


  • Serviam also has the experience to know how much is possible in negotiations and what levers can be pulled to reach your goals. We maintain one of the deepest benches of talent in telecom and IT contract negotiations.


This is incredibly important, as your level of security isn’t just technical. It’s also defined by the legal protections in your contracts and the flexibility of your terms to be able to adapt your coverage in the future.


Negotiations by Serviam prioritize your needs above all.


  1. Serviam analyzes the cost of the solution, the cost of deployment, and the impact delivered.

  2. Then, we balance that analysis with your budget and business requirements.


This positions us to negotiate the best possible protection for your business without breaking the bank.   

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Solution Deployment
for Security Solutions

The key to a successful security deployment is coordination, and this is where Serviam excels. Our support teams spend every day project managing complex, multi-vendor implementations for clients.


We ensure your selected partners are coordinated and delivering based upon your needs. This coordination is critical to avoiding gaps in your security quilt and defending the livelihood of your organization.

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Ongoing Support
for Security Solutions

There’s simply no such thing as a “set it and forget it” security solution for your company. Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly evolving, and the attacks they’re developing are increasingly complex and clandestine.


At the same time, everyone’s telecom and IT environment is becoming infinitely more complex, which means more potential weak links in security which need to be strengthened.


Serviam invests heavily in ongoing support resources for clients in all aspects of business technology. It’s how we build long-term relationships, by providing constant, engaged support for clients, and we demand the same ethos from our security partners.   


You deserve security partners who constantly evaluate your footprint, your requirements, and current threats to ensure that you maintain the strength of your security solutions. Simply put, we never stop working to keep your business protected.

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