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Strategic Assessments

For Your Technology Environment

Reduce your technology

expenses so you can

reach your strategic goals.

Reduce Costs By

30% or More

Free Up Capital for New Initiatives

No Out-of-Pocket


Overview of Strategic Assessments at Serviam

Overview of Strategic Assessments at Serviam

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Cost reductions begin with a

 clear picture of your environment,

But for most IT groups, the time and resources it takes to audit and inventory everything is in short supply. We believe your team deserves the support it needs to provide strategic leadership for your business.

 Reduce your telecom and IT expenses so you can reach your strategic goals.

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Gain the leverage you need to reduce costs and reach your goals

During a Strategic Assessment, we serve as an extension of your IT team without any financial burden for your company. We're paid by the savings we generate for you.


Leverage Our


We provide nearly all of the labor you need for the Strategic Assessment process.


Leverage Our


Our team has unparalleled telecom executive experience in legal, pricing, and sales. 


Leverage Your


Use the savings we discover to develop a plan for reaching your goals that pays for itself.

Meet Your New Team Members

Serviam was founded by VP-level execs from a Fortune 500 telecom company. Our team developed pricing models and wrote contracts like the ones you're wrestling with today. They use that experience to identify savings most people miss and negotiate maximum flexibility into your contracts.

The Strategic Assessment process helps you

deliver big wins for your company.


Assess Your


Get a clear picture of your IT environment and a roadmap for reducing expenses and reaching your goals.


Reduce Your


Recover erroneous charges and then renegotiate your contracts to save money and provide greater flexibility for the future.



Strategic Wins

Free up capital for new strategic initiatives that deliver the technology your company needs to compete and grow.   

Throughout the process, your team can stay focused on its own critical initiatives.

We come alongside your team to relieve any operational burdens this process can present by helping with quotes, RFP’s, and contract negotiations.

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“They bring everything together. They show you they have a grip on your environment and say ‘Here’s what we can do for you.’ They can present an aggregated, holistic view of your services to the provider and argue pricing from that perspective.”

- Dir of IT for Residential Services Firm

Financial Services on Tablet Image Servi

Download a Case Study

Learn how this Financial Services Company overcame the obstacles before them to reach their strategic goals for telecom and IT.

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Strategic Assessments

in detail



  • Inventory your telecom and IT environment

  • Review and analyze services and costs by vendor and location

  • Determine contractual flexibility 


  • Validate billing vs contracted rates

Client Discovery

  • What services are not being used?

  • What are your goals for IT?

  • What are your company goals?

  • Does your existing tech support your imperatives?

  • What are your contractual obligations?

Roadmap Development

  • Which services should  be renegotiated?

  • Which services should be modified for performance and savings?

  • What services should move to a new vendor?

  • Initial estimate of potential savings

Solution Delivery

  • Renegotiate contracts


  • Disconnect unused services

  • Ensure implementation and validation of renegotiated items

  • Ensure migrated items are successfully moved and validated​​

Savings Validation

  • Savings are validated on an ongoing basis

  • Final Analysis of 12-month savings delivered 

  • Validation of contract compliance

  • Additional reviews scheduled as required

“In prior jobs, I’ve been the one reviewing contracts and pushing back on certain legal terms. When Mike talks about the things they can ask for from a contractual standpoint, there’s a huge value-add. He was able to negotiate certain terms that no one else asks for.”

- CFO of International Hospitality Group

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