Strategic Assessments

Telecom vendors seem to have the upper hand.

Find Your Leverage.

The telecom industry expects you to navigate a complex landscape of vendors, options, and risks on your own. This allows telecom vendors to position their sales associates as helpful guides.


However, their story of what’s possible in terms of pricing, contracts, and tech is destined to be one-sided, and their specialized, industry knowledge gives them leverage over your company.


What happens when Serviam’s independent telecom guides step in and tell you the rest of the story?

Discover Your Leverage Story

Strategic Assessments are the foundational first step in Serviam’s Lifecycle Management process.


Serviam uses assessments to discover your Leverage Story, which they can use in negotiations. They aim to reduce your expenses, but there’s more that can be leveraged than that. They’re also set on improving your contracts and technical infrastructure to make your company more agile in the fast-changing future of business telecom.

“They bring everything together. They show you they have a grip on your environment and say ‘Here’s what we can do for you.’ They can present an aggregated, holistic view of your services to the provider and argue pricing from that perspective.”

- Jeff Van Ornum - Former Dir of IT for Home Buyers Warranty

When it comes to business solutions for voice, data, and internet, you have more strength than you know.

Pricing is usually a client’s first concern, but there’s more to your story. There’s a holistic narrative involving all aspects of your vendor relationships:



Contract Terms,


Technical Infrastructure


Serviam’s Strategic Assessment conducts an in-depth examination of your bills, contracts, and infrastructure to read the full story of what’s going on. Their team has the ability to see your situation from the vendor’s perspective. They can recognize how any of the areas above can be leveraged to improve one another.


Your full Leverage Story enables Serviam to negotiate a stronger grip on your vendor relationships, providing forward-thinking technical solutions, increased efficiency, and greater flexibility in navigating change.

Discover a Unique Partnership

As your Strategic Assessment and the discovery of your Leverage Story begins, you’ll find you’re gaining much more than insight and advice. Serviam approaches every decision with the intention of building long-term partnerships with clients. They work alongside your team to provide a unique Telecom and IT Vendor Management service that will solve your voice, data, and internet issues for years to come.

Serviam provides powerful backoffice support for your business voice, data, and internet vendor relationships.

 Uniquely  Invested

Get the Service and Support You Deserve


Serviam’s name is taken from the Latin phrase, “I will serve.” Their company was born from a faith and values-based decision to fully embrace the meaning of servant leadership.


Serviam believes that the best way to win in business is to serve your company’s needs before their own.


Strategic Assessments are just “Step One” of the Lifecycle Management process.


They’ll be there to help you negotiate and deploy the plan, and their deeply experienced Backoffice Support team gives you a single point of contact for the ongoing management of your telecom vendors.

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Access Unparalleled Expertise


What if you could sit down with three VP-level executives from a Fortune 500 telecom corporation and have them review your pricing, contracts, and infrastructure for improvements?


Serviam was founded by telecom executives with backgrounds in finance, contracts, and sales. You gain the insight of a vendor but from a vendor-agnostic viewpoint.


Their experience at the highest levels of the industry equips them to discover your Leverage Story by coming up with questions that most professionals wouldn’t think to ask. (Read their story here.)

Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management gets results for business phone and internet clients. See for yourself.



Add Their Leverage

to Your Own


Once you have a grip on your Leverage Story, Serviam helps you act on it by adding their own leverage to the mix.


Because of the unique background of its principal team, Serviam has an extensive network of executive relationships in the telecom industry which they can leverage to get results.


Those results can include a faster resolution of trouble tickets and other issues. You will also see tremendous value on the operational side of your business from the increased efficiency of your telecom solutions and your ability to respond faster to business requirements.

“In prior jobs, I’ve been the one reviewing contracts and pushing back on certain legal terms. When Mike talks about the things they can ask for from a contractual standpoint, there’s a huge value-add. He was able to negotiate certain terms that no one else asks for.”

- Lou Lavaux, Former CFO of Millennium Hotels

You deserve to climb with confidence.

Serviam guides you to the best telecom solutions for your business and provides the services that make them a reality, keeping you free to focus on your goals.

Real Results


Major Retailer

32% savings and a 3-year commitment reduced to 2 years.


Shipping Company

22% savings, increased bandwidth, and stronger contracts.


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Managed Cloud

Security and Firewall

Colocation Hosting


Contact Center Services

Disaster Recovery

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Fiber Internet

Metro Optical Ethernet

Ethernet Local Access

Dedicated Internet Access

MPLS Networks

DSL and Cable Internet


And More...


Hosted/Managed VoIP 

SIP Trunk

Analog Phone

Integrated Access


Audio/Web Conferencing

Call Centers

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Telecom Expense Mgmt

PCI Compliance

ISP Management

Staff Augmentation

Implementation Mgmt

On-Site Support

Trouble Ticket Escalation

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