Uniquely Valuable

What if you could know you've done the right thing? 


This is the question that's haunted all of our clients who were previously left to fend for themselves with telecom vendors. The complex questions involved in procuring business internet and business phone services require decision makers to try and master an industry beyond their expertise.

"Do I have enough bandwidth?" 


"Are my contract terms as favorable as they can be?"


"Does this sales rep have my company's best interest at heart?"

Serviam provides you with the vendor-neutral answers you need and the means to take action. Their value to your company quickly reveals itself and continues to grow over time. 

Real Results

• Managed a competitive bid process for a retail client with 1,400 locations, helping them avoid a costly and prolonged RFP process and saving them over 300 headcount hours.


• Negotiated a client contract extension with a major carrier that included the forgiveness of a commitment shortfall in excess of $400,000 while reducing the customer’s monthly spend.


• Performed a full assessment of services for a client which led to the consolidation of services from five different vendors and a cost reduction of more than 20%.


• Leveraged Serviam’s executive-level relationships to negotiate an $80,000 credit to cover a client’s fiber build that had been previously denied by the carrier.

  • Serviam’s clients reduce their telecom and IT expenses by an average of 30%.


  • We provide vendor management services for multiple Fortune 1000 companies as well as 3 of the 10 largest privately-owned firms in the country.

  • And we maintain a 95% client retention rate by earning trust, forging long-term partnerships, and investing deeply in your success.

Serviam Residential Services Telecom Cas

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Learn how we forged a long-term relationship with this Residential Services Company that reduced the annual commitment with their key vendor by $840K.


“We were able to sell our service and implement it, and we didn’t have to scale our internal resources. They enabled a service and enabled us to scale our business.”

- CEO of Internet Solutions Provider

“They make my job easier. I think I could pretty much sum it up with that. If I have a problem. They just take care of it.”

- Dir of IT for Financial Services Firm

“They’re not just an agent who’s writing orders and sending out RFP’s. They’re actually saying, ‘Here’s how we’re going to negotiate more favorable terms…We like this ROI better…This is a better provider…We’ll make less money, but it’s going to be a better company for you.’ They’re like an extension of my IT department that doesn’t cost me anything. The rest are just agents.“

- CFO of International Hospitality Group 

“They know how to navigate that back end of the big bureaucracy. They know the prices. They know what the market is bearing. They know what to push on and what to let go of, versus me just going ‘price, price, price.’ They made the deal negotiation really seamless for us. I didn’t have to get my hands dirty at all.  And there were real, substantial savings. It wasn’t a waste of time where we were saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to save $500 a month.’ We were saving thousands of dollars. For example, we were in a cage in a data center where we were paying our provider $17K a month. Now it’s down to $7K.”

- Dir of IT for Residential Services Company


Client Case Examples

Complex Regulated Deal

  • Nationwide client had several PRIs across multiple states on multiple contracts, most of which were expired.

  • Negotiated a renewal agreement that provided the client with several benefits.

  • Agreements were bridged to avoid a large increase in monthly rates.

  • Existing rates were secured for a non-standard 18-month term.

  • Gained ability to turn down some of the PRIs during the renewal term.

Commitment Shortfall

  • Client built up a cumulative contractual shortfall in excess of $400k.

  • Client’s network had significantly more capacity than needed due to business downturn and the original network being over-engineered.

  • Renegotiated a contract which provided client with significant benefits.

  • Reset commitment to a reasonable level, and carrier agreed to forgive the shortfall.

  • Terminated unnecessary services and unused capacity.

  • Obtained price reductions for the remaining services.

TLA Negotiation

  • Negotiated TLA down to 15% of the original demand from the carrier.

  • Allowed the client to move to a new carrier and take advantage of new technology a year earlier than expected.

Dispute Resolution

  • Multiple issues (on both carrier and client side) caused a 6-month delay in the implementation of a multi-site, MPLS network.

  • Project managed a creative resolution of the implementation issues and negotiated with the carrier to adjust the billing start date to the client’s satisfaction.

MSA Negotiation

  • Pre-negotiated best-in-class terms and conditions into the MSA before first draft was delivered to the client.

  • Significantly reduced “redlining” time.

Managed Competitive Bid Process

  • Process was managed for a retail client with over 1,400 locations.

  • Solicited bids from multiple carriers for voice and data services.

  • Provided side-by-side comparison of solution and carrier alternatives.

  • Client was able upgrade their network and avoid a long and costly RFP process. There was no need to deal directly with multiple carrier reps.

Inventory of Services

  • Client had MPLS, DIA, POTs lines, PRIs, SIP trunks, and LD services from 5 different carriers.

  • Through an effective inventory analysis by Serviam, client was able to consolidate services, significantly improve its network design, and reduce costs by over 20%.

  • Project managed the network migration and continued to provide ongoing invoice reconciliation and trouble ticket support.

“Thank goodness we had Serviam to advocate on our behalf. They’re able to get to people and levels of influence within [our provider] that we never would be able to.”

- CFO of Financial Services Firm