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Leadership at Serviam Technology Vendor Management

About Serviam

Serviam's founders saw the growing support gap in business technology and took action to address it. Now, we provide the people, process, and tools needed to climb mountains on your behalf and solve the most complex challenges facing your business.

Whatever it takes to enhance your business technology, "we will serve."

In 2011, Serviam’s founders all served as VP’s of one of the largest telecom carriers in the world, and they noticed a disturbing pattern emerging in business technology. In short,


  • Technology was growing increasingly complex.

  • While technology vendors were reducing their support resources for clients.

This was simply unacceptable. Recognizing the need, Serviam’s founders left their enterprise-level roles to build a team that could help businesses reduces expenses, negotiate better contract terms, upgrade their technology, and hold vendors accountable to their promises.


Serviam is named after the Latin creed which declares, "I will serve." Every resource we have is devoted to filling the vendor support gap in business technology. 


Now, all these years later, the industry's pattern has continued. The complexity and interdependence of telecom and all business technology solutions keeps growing, and vendor support resources aren't designed to help you sort through the mess.

That's why our founding team has developed the people, processes, and tools needed to solve complex technology challenges for the nation's leading companies.



We recruit top industry talent from within the vendor environment to step outside of it and support you with their knowledge and experience.


Our Lifecycle Management process provides complete support solving your technology challenges. Our team starts by guiding you through solution development and negotiations. Then, we stay with you to project manage implementations and provide ongoing support.

Serviam Lifecyle Management Graphic 2020.png
Serviam has the right tools for solving business technology challenges_edited.jpg


Serviam's leadership team has developed the tools needed to guide your business through its most complex challenges including our strategic assessment process, strategic roadmaps, and an in-depth contractual playbook. Meanwhile, our proprietary vendor management software portal gives you complete visibility into your contractual environment.

  • Serviam’s clients reduce their telecom and IT expenses by an average of 30%.


  • We provide vendor management services for multiple Fortune 1000 companies as well as 3 of the 10 largest privately-owned firms in the country.

  • And we maintain a 97% client retention rate by earning trust, forging long-term partnerships, and investing deeply in your success.

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