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How Vendor Management Supports Your Managed Services for Telecom and IT

Today’s I.T. organizations are being asked to:


  • Cover a wider range of solutions.

  • Enable a wider range of access to these solutions.

  • Ensure the security of the entire landscape with fewer resources. 


Having a partner who can help fill the gaps in coverage, whether temporarily or as part of a strategic plan, is invaluable to IT leadership.


However, identifying the best managed service provider, and managing the relationship itself, can become the source of an additional drain on resources.


That’s where Serviam steps in. Just as we help identify telecom and IT vendors and manage the relationships, we do the same for your managed service providers.

Serviam's Lifecycle Management process provides the support your team needs to optimize your Managed Services vendor relationships.

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Business Imperatives
for Managed Services

Managed services (or professional services) are cover an incredibly broad area of capabilities like supporting a digital transformation, providing field resources for a hardware rollout, or offering a helpdesk solution for desktop applications.


This is where having a partner like Serviam provides added value. Because we gain a detailed understanding of your telecom and IT environment before developing solutions, we are uniquely positioned to help you identify the right solutions for managed services as well.

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Solution Development
for Managed Services

Serviam maintains partnerships with numerous managed service providers covering a wide range of capabilities.


We’re positioned to help you address your unique, specific challenges for short or long-term requirements.


This is critical, as most professional services firms have a more limited tool set than they realize, and finding the right fit for your business technology environment is crucial. From their perspective, as the saying goes, “When you’re a hammer, the whole world resembles a nail.” But the hammer might not be what you need.


Using our expertise, relationships, and vendor-neutral perspective, we find “the right tool for the right job” for your business.

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Deal Negotiation
for Managed Services

A major challenge in working with manged services organizations is in the creation of a well-defined Statement of Work (SOW). 


  • Serviam supports this effort by partnering with your IT, procurement, legal, and finance organizations to understand the unique processes in place for your company. 


  • Then, we ensure compliance with policy, measurement methodologies, and the criteria your organizations use to define success.


We coordinate the conversation and match the goals of the project to the contracted deliverable to help you avoid the most dreaded of professional services terms: “Scope Creep”. 


Our negotiation process gets your project delivered on time, as promised, and on budget.

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Solution Deployment
for Managed Services

Once you have a defined SOW, work begins on execution, and Serviam’s support teams engage in the process.


Serviam’s Lifecycle Management process builds a framework for managing your vendors and projects, ensuring a successful outcome. 


Additionally, when there’s a complex project involving multiple managed services providers, Serviam gives your business one point of contact for the project. We provide coordination and reporting around the project. This adds clarity to the process while enabling internal team members to focus on their normal activities. 


In every situation, we are able to ensure that objectives are met. Timelines are honored, and budgets are achieved.

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Ongoing Support
for Managed Services

Part of Serviam's Lifecycle Management approach is to ensure satisfaction with the work being performed during the engagement as well as the ultimate success of the project.


Our support extends well beyond an initial rollout. Serviam's team stays engaged during the completion of the SOW, and then, we provide ongoing support to ensure its ultimate success.


We make sure:


  • That the vendor continues to work to enhance their service and value to the client.

  • That as your business needs change, the support being provided is able to flex to meet those changes. These solutions may be found through modification to a SOW or through adjacent projects.


Whatever the remedy or need, Serviam is your consistent partner providing support throughout the entire process.

What can we help you with?

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Public Cloud
Private Cloud

Cloud Migration Services

Hybrid IT

Cyber Security

Disaster Recovery


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SD-WAN & Data Networking

Dedicated Internet Access

Hybrid Networks
MPLS Networks

Broadband Development

Dark Fiber/Waves 


Mobility Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

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Voice & Collaboration



SIP Trunk
Traditional Telephony
Integrated Access
Audio/Web Conferencing

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Managed Services


Telecom Expense Mgmt
Staff Augmentation
Implementation Mgmt

Inventory Mgmt

Contract Governance

Helpdesk Support
On-Site Support
Trouble Ticket Escalation

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