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Managed Services

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How Serviam Supports Your

Managed Services for Technology

Today’s IT organizations are being asked to:

  • Cover a wider range of solutions than ever before.

  • Enable an even wider range of access to these solutions.

  • Ensure the security of the entire landscape with reduced resources. 

Having a partner who helps fill the gaps in coverage, whether temporarily or as part of a strategic plan, is invaluable to IT leadership.


However, identifying the best managed services provider (MSP), and managing the relationship itself, becomes an additional drain on resources.


That’s where Serviam steps in. Just as we help identify technology vendors and manage the relationships, we do the same for your managed service providers.

Serviam's Lifecycle Management process supports and optimizes your Managed Services vendor relationships.

We have a portfolio of 350+ vendors that we provide access to for our clients.

Here are a few examples of the Managed Services providers we work with. . .

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