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Uniquely Invested

Why do we pursue long-term partnerships with our clients? 


Our clients ask us this all the time, and the answer is simple. It's just better for everyone. By prioritizing long-term goals over short-term gain, we stand to realize greater revenue, and over time our clients can expect more money saved, increasingly effective service, and a simple, stable point of contact for managing their Telecom and IT Vendors.

In the end, valuing service over sales is the only way to be true to our name, Serviam, even if the greatest benefits lie further down the trail for us. It's the joy of sharing the journey with our clients and seeing them succeed that drives our company forward.

Lifecycle Management is the way we live out Serviam’s dedication to long-term partnerships. It’s a process that provides management for every step of your journey with your telecom and IT vendors.

Serviam Lifecyle Management Graphic 2020

During the pre-sales phases of examining your Business ImperativesSolution Developmentand Deal Negotiation, we can see potential for your voice or data network you might never have imagined. Our unique understanding of what’s possible on the vendor side with pricing structure and contract flexibility changes your conversation for the better. Our independence allows us to leverage the best possible deal for you among competing providers.

When the deal is done, we’re still with you for Solution Deployment, dedicating our expert Support Team to project manage your implementation. Along the way, our far-reaching industry relationships become crucial when resolving problems on your behalf.


After all of that, we provide Ongoing Support, acting as an extension of your IT team and partnering with you to tackle the next challenge in managing your telecom and IT vendors. 

"They’ve been really responsive when we’ve needed something. They step in to whatever extent they can. They’ve even said, ‘Hey we didn’t actually negotiate this contract for you, but we might be able to help escalate this issue for you anyway.’”

- CEO of Wi-Fi Service Provider

A Detailed Look at
Lifecycle Management at Serviam

Serviam Lifecyle Management Graphic 2020

Business Imperatives

  • Establish organizational goals and overall business objectives.

  • Evaluate current environment (legacy network, applications, and equipment) and its alignment with organizational goals and business objectives.

  • Take into consideration future business direction and business requirements.

  • Identify gaps and desired outcomes from investment in IT infrastructure.

Solution Development

  • Develop and evaluate solution alternatives that meet the technological, financial, and risk-mitigation objectives of the client.

  • Compare solutions on an “apples-to-apples” Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) basis.

  • Leverage your internal technical skills and resources to ensure sustainability in managing the chosen environment.

  • Serviam can represent all carrier and service provider solutions so clients do not need to deal directly with multiple providers.

Deal Negotiation

  • Obtain best possible pricing for the desired solution through a managed competitive bidding process and by leveraging Serviam’s unique insight into carrier pricing models.

  • Ensure contract includes industry-leading SLAs and conditions that take into account client’s unique business requirements.

  • Identify potential “hidden” or “soft” costs which can dramatically impact the TCO associated with your deployment and negotiate terms and conditions which can help protect from common occurrences.

Solution Deployment

  • Provide project management support.

  • Address technical, contractual, and logistical issues through effective collaboration with carrier.

  • Ensure installed solution meets all technical, performance, and economic objectives.

  • Ensure best possible potential for deployment, minimizing impact on your staff and meeting business delivery timelines.

Ongoing Support

  • Provide monthly invoice reconciliation and submit billing disputes as necessary. (extra service)

  • Consolidate financial reporting to ensure complete visibility into budget impacts. (extra service)

  • Escalate trouble issues as necessary.

  • Provide MACD support.

  • Manage contractual adjustments as business needs change.

  • Provide quarterly business reviews to ensure ongoing validation of solution performance and viability.

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