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Serviam - Telecom and IT Vendor Managment for Business. Cloud, MPLS, VoIP, SIP Trunk, and much more.

Lead Your Team to Victory in Telecom Contract Negotiations

Download Our "Trail Guide to Telecom Contracts" Ebook for the Strategy That Gets You There.

Use This Field-Tested, Expert Strategy to Get the Best Possible Telecom Service for Your Business.

Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management was created by three VP-Level, Fortune 500 Telecom Executives who wanted to provide better guidance to business leaders for their critical voice, data, voice, and cloud services.

Download the "Trail Guide to Telecom Contracts" to learn the proven strategy Serviam uses to negotiate flexible contracts and save clients an average of 30% on telecom costs.

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Conquer the Risks of

Business Telecom Contracts

Business telecom vendors want to protect their own interests and get you to follow the pre-determined trail map of their standard contract.

However, with our Trail Guide, you can draw a new map that lets you...

Find the Terms that Fit Your Business

You deserve more than a standard template.

Gain the Flexibility You Need to Grow

Sign a contract that lets you adapt to change.

Protect Your Freedom to Change Course

Avoid getting trapped in an agreement that's not working.

In prior jobs, I’ve been the one reviewing contracts and pushing back on certain legal terms. Serviam was able to negotiate certain terms that no one else asks for.


- CFO of International Hospitality Group

We love Serviam. They are absolutely fantastic advocates of ours. I’m not sure we could do what we’re doing without them.

- CFO of Financial Services Firm

Define Your Own Journey

Avoid getting trapped in an unfavorable agreement and instead get a flexible and fair telecom contract that protects you as the maker of your own map for your business.

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Download the "Trail Guide to Telecom Contracts" PDF

We appreciate you sharing your contact information. It will be secure and will not be sold to any third party.

Download PDF

Your business deserves to pioneer, explore, and grow,

And your business telecom services are the foundation of your journey. Deploy a contract negotiation strategy that protects your Fit, Flexibility, and Freedom for the trail ahead.

The telecom industry expects your business to find its own way

through a complex landscape of vendors, options, and risks.

We guide you through those risks

to the right voice, data, and internet solutions for your business.

Then, we serve as your partner,

managing those solutions so you can focus on the trail ahead.  

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Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management

2021 Serviam

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