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No one knows what our "new normal" will be. Will your telecom environment be able to adapt?

Here's how you prepare your voice, data, internet, and cloud services for the unknowns of a post COVID-19 world.

Serviam's Trail Guide to Business Telecom Contracts Part Three - Gain critical flexibility for your voice, data, and internet business services.

The conversation around COVID-19 has changed for business leaders.

When this crisis began, the question was “How do we ride this out?” Now, it’s clear that when we emerge from social distancing and shut downs, nothing will be the same, and we’re asking,

“What will our new normal be?”

This question is critical when it comes to one of the biggest parts of your infrastructure, your telecom and IT services. Your environment is going to look different. The problem is, there’s still so much that’s unknown.

This leaves you wondering…

  • Will we be able to adapt quickly enough?

  • Will I be forced into rushed decisions that result in further losses?

  • When we cut costs, will we have the right environment to support the “new normal”?

These questions are leaving business leaders feeling incapable of making sound, strategic decisions about their telecom and IT services, but we believe you deserve a way to plan for doing business in the unknown.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Schedule a Strategic Assessment: Most businesses don’t have a firm grip of their current telecom environment. Our assessments give you a complete, clear picture of what you have in terms of pricing, contract terms, and infrastructure.

  2. Get a Roadmap for Adaptation: Once you understand what you have, you can do more than reduce costs. You can prepare to right-size your environment and renegotiate contract terms.

  3. Move Forward with Confidence: When the “new normal” starts to settle in, the window to make effective changes will be tiny. You’ll be prepared to make good choices quickly.

Every day, Serviam helps businesses prepare for the unknown in an industry that asks them to sign lengthy 3-year contracts, and the first step in doing that has always been the Strategic Assessment.

Then, our complete Vendor Management Service does far more than save you money. We guide you to the right environment, and we provide the service you need to support it long-term and adapt to change when necessary.

“They can very quickly get to the footprint, order, and magnitude of what you’re dealing with. I was saving money and had a better partner in place.” - Jeff Van Ornum - Former Dir of IT for Home Buyers Warranty

Schedule your Strategic Assessment with us today by clicking HERE.

We do the heavy lifting on that process, and it won’t take much of your time. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to adapt your telecom and IT environment to the “new normal” and lead your team into the unknown.

If you’d like to learn more about our Strategic Assessment process and its benefits, you can visit this page.


Get the service and guidance your business deserves for critical business voice, data, internet, and cloud services. Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management

Serviam’s process is simple.

  1. We listen and assess your unique telecom situation.

  2. We guide you through a custom roadmap to better technological and contractual solutions.

  3. We manage your transition so you have the best possible experience.

  4. We stay with you to make sure your vendors continue to support your ever-changing business requirements.

Our Telecom and IT Vendor Management service goes far beyond managing costs or negotiating contracts. We guide you through a holistic, future-forward telecom strategy for your company and provide you with a long-term partner who manages your vendor relationships so you can focus on the road ahead.

Schedule a consultation at to start forming a roadmap for your business.


Get the service and guidance your business deserves for critical business voice, data, internet, and cloud services. Serviam Telecom and IT Vendor Management

The telecom industry expects you to find your own way

through a complex landscape of vendors, options, and risks.

We guide you through those risks

to the right voice, data, and internet solutions

for your business.

Then, we serve as your partner,

managing those solutions

 So you can focus on the trail ahead. 


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